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Some Tools That Can Make Life Easy For Java Developer

Tools That Can Make Life Easy For Java Developers One of the ways of ensuring you write richer and bug-free Java code is by using the many tools that are at your disposal. Different developers have different concerns, so, these tools offer excellent support to all for coding and development.

A word of caution here or one of the many myths surrounding Java programming is that the availability of comprehensive IDEs and tools means you can afford not to have a comprehensive understanding of Java. But that’s not how it works. These tools make life simpler for you only if you know your ways around Java. Now, let’s have a look at some tools that can help:

  1. Java Development Kit: When you plan on developing Java-based applets and applications, you first need to get yourself a tool like JDK (Java Development Kit), which includes the necessary Java Compiler, the Java Runtime Environment, and the Java APIs.
  1. Eclipse IDE: Eclipse provides much-needed assistance for code completion, refactoring, and syntax checking. It also offers something called the Java Development Tools project (JDT) that provides a range of tool plug-ins to help develop various kinds of Java applications. The real advantage of this idea, however, is that it allows developers to combine language support, for example, it also offers a C/C++, and PHP IDE.
  1. Netbeans: This is another IDE that offers a complete array of features such as converters, editors and code analyzers that help you come up with applications that implement the latest Java technologies. It also helps to write bug-free code.
  1. IntelliJ IDEA: It is also called “the most intelligent Java IDE”. There is no doubt that it does help developers come up with innovative Java solutions. Its features help in improving productivity such as ‘Smart Code Completion’ and ‘On-the-fly Code Analysis’; it also offers advanced support for web and mobile development and more.
  1. Oracle JDeveloper: If you are looking for a free IDE that helps you build a reliable service-oriented architecture with Java or Java Enterprise Edition applications, there is nothing better than JDeveloper. It braces the full development life cycle.

6.Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit: If you want to measure or compute the application’s performance, JRat is the analysis toolkit you must use. With this tool, you can identify potential problem areas that can impact application performance.

  1. Gradle: If you want a tool that is a combination of everything then you’ll be happy with this one. With Gradle, you can code in Groovy, which is a huge point in its favour because you can code just about anything. The second benefit of this tool is that it supports the convention-over-configuration paradigm.

These tools help a Java developer to make things work out easier. All you need is to choose one that suits your requirements and needs at the point of time.

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