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Managed IT Services

Better IT support

Our Managed IT solution proactive maintenance to keep your IT costs low and your systems optimized.

Reduce IT Risks

Services can be used to do everything from design and implement a variety of solutions to keep your system running and secure.

Lower IT Costs

Keeping costs low is vital for most firms today. That is why our services are geared towards saving you money.

Systems Upgrades

Our IT Consulting team can analyze, design, and implement a wide variety of solutions to ensure that you get the most out of your technology investment.

Get Help Choosing Technology

Choosing the right technology solution can be a daunting task for any business. It’s OK, we can help.

IT For Start-Ups

Congratulations on starting your new venture! Now let’s get you set up with the tools to make your business a success.

Building products for businessagencyportfolio

Our certified IT specialists at SOS Computer Experts are
experienced managed IT Service providers and consultants
in the Vancouver area.

We help you leverage technology to upgrade operations and
diminish costs, freeing up valuable resources and assets for
your business. We offer many managed IT solutions for your
the business that is focused on streamlining your IT needs;
including top-level technology procurement, comprehensive
infrastructure management, and product support.
With our years of experience developing advanced IT management
solutions across a variety of industries, we can help you solve
your IT problems and find the best-fit IT resources that suit your
business needs. Our managed IT services are flexible and secure
solutions designed to grow with your business.
As a respected managed IT services company,
we offer a diverse range of IT services and solutions
throughout Vancouver and the lower mainland.
Our goal is to help your businesses prosper and
to ensure that the road to success is a smooth one.

Led By Ali Moshajari

Hi, I am Ali.
I’m an IT Consultant with over 15 yrs of experience in Networking, Network Security, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Social Media Networking. I currently hold several industry-recognized certifications in IT, such as Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, Lenovo, and CompTIA, and being recognized by Microsoft and Lenovo for my achievements in IT and delivering exceptional customer solutions.

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