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Backup Solutions

Manage Data Backup & Business Continuity

Business continuity planning is only as good as IT Strategies enable them to be. With SOS Computer we act as an extension of your IT department or your full time IT department. You can rest assured regardless of the size of your business we will meet the demands of your specific needs.

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Backup Solutions Bundle

Reduce Stress

Stop worrying about impending disasters in an unpredictable world — we take full responsibility of your business backup requirements.

Rest Easy

No more unreliable, time-consuming manual backups. Your data and systems are automated, always up to date, and continually backed up.

Minimize Risk

Our reliable backup systems take the worry and risk out of the equation.

Get Back To Business Fast

In the event of a disaster, your company will be up and running fast. Our comprehensive protection solutions provide almost zero downtime for your business in its recovery.

Business Continuity

In the case of disaster, ensure you can continue to operate.
A strategy for when things go wrong is essential for every business. There is no telling whether technical, weather or staffing troubles may cause your business some concern at one point in time. With SOS Computer, you can devise a plan that is robust, reliable and gets your business running in no time.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the process of resuming normal operations following a disaster by regaining access to data, hardware, software, networking equipment, power, and connectivity.

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