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Security Solutions

Cyber Security

Your company’s privacy and security need to be taken seriously if you want to avoid the cruel fate of having hackers hijack your company. One of the best ways to ensure total protection is to implement a comprehensive security scheme that goes beyond running a basic antivirus application on your desktops. Cybersecurity solutions from SOS Computer Experts are more than a match for modern-day hackers and malicious threats. We deploy not one, but multiple security layers around your computers and network, protecting them from all forms of malware like viruses, spam, worms, trojans, and ransomware.

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“In the ongoing game of cat and mouse–while we rush to patch
a broken window, hackers are already picking the next lock–we
need to begin thinking like the enemy.”

– Christopher Skroupa,

ESET Security

ESET provides your business with easy-to-manage security solutions that protect your network, computer, mobile devices, and users 24/7. Your security is our top priority. Here’s what we offer to keep you protected:

Protection against targeted attacks

Protection against ransomware

Prevention of fileless attacks

Cloud-based remote management

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