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Importance Of Managed Services In Today’s Competitive Era!

“What would be the benefits with managed services than a break-fix solution?” This is an important question to ask when you have a business full of computers, servers, and employees.
Information technology (IT) systems are expected to meet high standards of operation while offering 24/7 availability, security, and performance. In the present environment, you have to keep pace with the constant changes in IT, performance demands, and pressure to deliver competitive IT functionality. To meet these challenges, many organizations consider outsourcing their IT activities to be an attractive alternative.

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Role Of Managed Service Provider:

Managed Services Provider (MSP) allows you delegate specific IT operations to them.

The MSP dedicated for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for your IT systems and functions as well as automate the tedious tasks that users can and should do, but often overlook. This includes virus updates software updates and patches, backups, monitoring and inventory auditing and control.

Basic services frequently begin with a monitoring service which informs you of complications, but you have to fix them on your own. More intensive services cover everything from alerts through problem resolution.

The Key factor to keep in mind with managed services is that it is preventative maintenance, not preventative breakage!

Managed services can do automated tasks, like apprising when a backup as failed, pushing out patches, observing systems and normally optimizing the working condition, no measure of preventative maintenance can overlook the hardware failures, database corruption, software crashes, or virus intrusions. Managed services are the process of shifting the odds against a catastrophic failure into a more favorable position, so when a trouble does occur, backups will be confirmed and current, an inventory of the systems can be referenced, and repair time and data loss can be restricted.
MSPs work as an add-on of your IT department, looking after the standard IT infrastructure monitoring and management around the clock and freeing up your IT staff to focus on more important projects. An MSP proactively monitors and maintains your systems in order to assist you to avoid problems and downtime.

Outsourcing IT Is Absolutely Different Than Outsourcing Other Services!

You decide what you expect your provider to do and what you would handle yourself. In addition, the MSP subscription model gives you more budget predictability.

MSPs have become an attractive choice for many organizations and should be an integral part of your overall business strategy, involving senior executives and key IT staff. If you are interested in how you can benefit strategically, financially, and technologically by working with an MSP, please contact SOS Computer Experts, at [email protected], 604-210-0976 or visit

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